good grief ?

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Sharing a personal journey
Good Grief
'Good Grief' by Jacqui Parkinson. BUY HERE

This is a very moving book which touches anyone affected by bereavement. It makes an excellent gift for someone who is past the initial months of shock and grief and is facing the pain of a future without their partner.

' This book creatively, simply and uniquely expresses the pain that tears apart the bereaved – yet it just as simply describes the healing process. I think it’s a lovely gift to help someone smile and also feel free to weep.'
Fiona Castle, OBE

' So often, conversations skirt around the vital things of life after a death.  In this book, Jacqui addresses the real issues.  It’s frighteningly honest, even provocative, but above all filled with the most amazing hope.'
Rob Parsons, OBE,
Founder and Chairman, Care for the Family